CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)

A multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior on campus through environmental design.


Jennifer Ray

Strategies for Success: Security

July 1, 2010
Maintaining and improving security of facilities and grounds is a continual challenge for schools and universities.

Designing for Security

Feb. 1, 2010
Security and safety are critical for successful, healthful learning environments.

Pathways to Safety

June 1, 2006
To be most effective, a school's security plan should encompass many techniques and strategies.

Novel Approaches

Jan. 1, 2005
10 concepts schools and universities can use to build and maintain effective facilities.

Safety By Design

Sept. 1, 2004
The argument can be made for transparent vs. apparent security solutions for schools.


Asu Green

eBook: Green Schools Digest

Jan. 1, 2023
Learn the leading sustainability strategies being employed by education facilities across the U.S.

Designing Safe Schools

July 1, 2001
No school design can eliminate security risks, but thoughtful planning can help schools avoid trouble.