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District in Florida Panhandle breaks ground on elementary school

Sept. 27, 2019
The 1,300-student campus in Navarre, Fla., will ease crowding in the Santa Rosa County district.

The Santa Rosa County (Fla.) district has broken ground for an elementary school in Navarre that will accommodate nearly 1,300 K-8 students.

The Pensacola News Journal reports that the $38 million campus will allevate crowding in the south end of the school district.

The new school, which has yet to be officially named, will have about 135,000 square feet of space.

DAG Architects, which is designing the campus, says the facility will incorporate elements of sustainability and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

"Classroom units have been designed to prevent bullying, courtyards and playgrounds are tucked between building wings to provide privacy and safety, and secure entry designs maintain visitor compliance and control," the architect says. "LED lights that operate by a motion sensor, low-VOC paints, and finishes, and a reflective white roof are some of the elements of sustainability included."

Assistant Superintendent Joey Harrell says there have been many obstacles to see the school come to fruition. District leaders had to convince lawmakers in Tallahassee and the Department of Education that the school was needed.

“I guarantee you, by the time it’s finished, we’ll fill it up and still need another one,” Harrell says. “We realize that, seeing all of the growth. But there’s no doubt about it —there are 1,100 to 1,200 seats that students can occupy here, and that will help relieve some of the pressure we’re seeing throughout schools on the south end.

The new school is expected to open in 2022. 

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