Technologies to illuminate educational spaces.


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Cobb County (Ga.) district cancels system that uses UV light to sanitize school buildings

March 4, 2021
Safety concerns were raised after the system, part of a $12 million Covid-19 mitigation purchase, malfunctioned at an elementary school.
TLC Engineering Solutions
Example of a building solar exposure analysis.

Air Apparent

March 1, 2020
Optimizing learning through solutions with air and light.
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Cornell University's lighting upgrade improves efficiency, saves millions

Nov. 21, 2019
The university says the upgrades to energy-efficient LED bulbs is projected to save $16 million over the lifetime of their use.
Northern Arizona University
The Student and Academic Services Building at Northern Arizona University

Building at Northern Arizona University saluted for energy-efficient lighting

July 13, 2016
U.S. Energy Department program gives 2 awards to the university for its new Student and Academic Services building.
Schools in the early 20th Century, like this one in Portland, Ore., featured large windows to capitalize on daylight — the only light available at the time. But daylighting is making a comeback. Photo courtesy of Syska Hennessy Group.
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Age of enlightenment

Sept. 1, 2014
Does dynamic daylight necessitate a new definition for the well-lit environment?


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eBook: Green Schools Digest

Jan. 1, 2023
Learn the leading sustainability strategies being employed by education facilities across the U.S.
Students and staff at John T. White Elementary School, Fort Worth, Texas, benefit from modern lighting and controls.

Lighting the way to Better Education

Feb. 11, 2013
Lighting controls in the classroom can provide benefits far beyond ease of use.
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Editor's Focus: Bright Opportunity

May 1, 2012
Many schools are focusing on energy-saving (and cost-saving) improvements.

Knowledge Center: Lighting Tips for Schools

April 1, 2012
Simple and inexpensive lighting strategies for schools.
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Stretching Energy Dollars for Healthy Schools

June 1, 2011
Monitoring energy through chiller plant optimization.