Simplify Your Next School Build or Renovation with the Latest from Kalwall®

Feb. 1, 2024

Building or renovating a school requires a delicate balancing act. How do you disrupt operations as little as possible? Can you schedule construction around student schedules? Are the benefits to students and staff worth it?

Kalwall’s new translucent insulated glazing units (TIGUs) can make your next school project a quick study.

Kalwall’s translucent daylighting solutions have always brought the best in diffuse daylighting to projects requiring energy efficiency and wellness benefits. Now, they’ve introduced a new way to daylight with Kalwall 175CW, the first in a series of TIGUs designed to be compatible with most curtain wall systems available on the market.

Kalwall 175CW offers the same exceptional thermal performance benefits and superb solar heat gain control as traditional Kalwall panels. These 44mm TIGUs are extremely lightweight and low maintenance, allowing you to mix and match with other infill glazings and opaque claddings. This means you can start a retrofit or a new build without worrying about whether your panels will fit into the structural system of your choice—and fewer hurdles means a smoother process.

Even better? Studies show daylighting is key to the well-being and productivity of students and staff alike. With Kalwall 175CW, you can create perfectly bright, comfortable spaces without sacrificing daylight autonomy, all while eliminating the need for secondary lighting control systems like shades or blinds. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to mix and match with glass to offer privacy where needed.

With 175CW, you can build anytime, anywhere, with the structural materials of your choice, whether you’re conducting a retrofit or thinking ahead to a future-fit. So remember: When you’re ready to get started on your next project, Kalwall 175CW fits in anywhere.

Learn more about TIGUs here, or request a presentation to hear about the latest and greatest from the daylighting experts and get valuable industry insight for your next project.

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