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  • 0223 American School & University January-February 2023
  • 0223 American School & University January-February 2023

    Katherine Judd
    field 3

    Construction Conundrum

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Schools and universities want to upgrade facilities, but supply chain backlogs and higher costs have made it difficult to complete construction projects on time and on budget....
    Photo 210135901 © Nimurltd | Dreamstime.com
    heat pumps

    Putting the Healthy in HVAC

    Feb. 3, 2023
    A new report from two environmental groups calls for schools to install all-electric high-performance HVAC systems.
    fiberon wildwood

    Product Solutions January-February 2023

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Wildwood Composite CladdingDesigned with commercial cladding applications in mind, Wildwood features an open-joint profile and is available in a variety of board lengths and widths...
    Mike Kennedy New 2110

    Let it snow

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Snow days are becoming a relic of the past at many schools.
    grass valley elementary

    Profiles January-February 2023

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Seattle district sues social media companies over youth mental health crisisThe Seattle school district has sued several social media entities in an effort to “hold social media...

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    Photo 9292191 / Technology © Pavel Losevsky | Dreamstime.com
    Choosing the proper components of a workstation will help students perform more efficiently and work comfortably.

    Knowledge Center: Computer workstations

    Feb. 3, 2023
    The workstations where students will be spending many hours should be safe and comfortable.
    Swarthmore College
    swarthmore dining center

    Construction Zone: Cafeterias/Dining Facilities

    Feb. 3, 2023
    New dining space opens at George Washington UniversityGeorge Washington University in Washington, D.C., has opened new dining space in Shenkman Hall after supply chain problems...
    Paul Erickson

    Planning for Construction Cost Inflation

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Inflation has slowed slightly in recent months, but elevated inflation is an issue school planners must account for.
    University of Denver
    burwell u of denver

    Inside: Sustainable Solutions

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Career center at University of Denver gets LEED Platinum ratingThe Burwell Center for Career Achievement at the University of Denver has received LEED Platinum certification from...
    TRC Companies
    virginia tech residence hall 2

    A good fit

    Feb. 3, 2023
    Meeting the challenge of designing and building on tight sites.