Signage & Wayfinding

Effective sign systems on a school or university campus enable students, staff and visitors get where they're going.


Asumag 418 201106 Workplace Signage

Workplace Signage and School Maintenance

June 1, 2011
Handwritten signs won't cut it in the school workplace.

Finding Your Way

Sept. 1, 2010
Systematic planning enables education institutions to get people to their destinations.
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Signs of the Times

July 1, 2008
Tips for creating signage that displays layers of assistance that visitors are unaware they are using.

Know-How: Signage/Wayfinding

Sept. 1, 2007
Nine simple ways to make signage more effective.
Asumag 417 Findingtheway

Finding the Way

Aug. 1, 2007
A vibrant environmental graphics program can convey information, build spirit, and help create and sustain a campus brand.


Asu Smart

eBook: Smart Steps

Sept. 17, 2020
An AS&U guide that will "floor" you
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Post It

Aug. 1, 2007

Know-How: Signage

Oct. 1, 2006

Know-How: Signage

Dec. 1, 2004

Finding Your Way

Nov. 1, 2003

Know-How: Signage

May 1, 2002
Wayfinding systems help people find what they're looking for and enhance a school's identity.

Following the Signs

May 1, 1998
When purchasing signage, ensure you will be in compliance with the ADA by understanding what the law requires.When it comes to complying with the Americans

Signs of Success

May 1, 1998
Administering a new building-signage program should begin by viewing the project through the eyes of a first-time user.Imagine trying to orient yourself