Wichita State University
The main building signs in Wichita State University39s new wayfinding system are 18 feet tall to provide better visibility for pedestrians

Finding your way at Wichita State (with Video)

July 29, 2015
University installs a comprehensive wayfinding system to help people navigate its campus.

Wichita State University is installing a comprehensive signage system that will help students, staff and visitors find their way around the school's main campus.

The system includes multiple building sign types, vehicular and pedestrian directional signs, and locator maps.

The growth of the university campus and future expansion plans highlighted the need for more visible signage and wayfinding tools. In a survey, faculty members, staff and students said they were dissatisfied with the consistency and visibility of signage on campus.

"It helps to unify our campus and makes it easier to navigate," says Barth Hague, chief marketing officer for the university. "The new signs also represent a major step in implementing our visual identity system, designed to build a more recognizable, understandable brand for the university.”

The signage system was developed by Gardner Design. Installation is scheduled to be completed by September.

Video from Gardner Design:

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