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Product Application: Upscale student housing a welcome change

Students at Louisiana State University (LSU) can now live in more upscale apartments rather than typical residence-hall rooms or apartments.

Robert Day Builders introduced upscale apartment suites, where four students can have individual bedrooms and bathrooms while sharing a living area. Suites are outfitted with more durable, higher-end materials and furniture than in most student housing.

Sherwin-Williams ProMar 400 semi-gloss in an off-white shade was used for all walls in the student apartments, complemented by ProMar 400 semi-gloss in white on trim. The paint represents an upgrade from the paint used before in the complex.

Oakbrook Village, located close to LSU, was remodeled to create a suite concept, and an adjacent second phase of new units also incorporates the suite arrangement. While the student-housing market usually has an annual 70 to 80 percent turnover rate, many of the students stay for two or three school years at Oakbrook.

Day also selected Sherwin-Williams Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet, which was developed in conjunction with BASF.

"One of the biggest replacement costs in any apartment complex, student or otherwise, is flooring. We wanted a durable, high-end product that was extremely stain-resistant, and we found it," Day says.

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