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Oct. 1, 2014
Product Solutions

Excel Dryer, Inc., has partnered with the Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) through its Green Apple initiative. Green Apple helps create high performing schools that save taxpayer dollars and provide safer, healthier and more sustainable learning environments for children. Through the partnership, Excel Dryer created custom covered Green Apple XLERATOR® hand dryers. A portion of all proceeds go back to the Green Apple program.

XLERATOR® dries hands three times faster (completely in 10-15 seconds) and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. XLERATOR® represents a 95 percent cost savings when compared to paper towels, eliminates maintenance and waste while creating a more hygienic restroom environment. XLERATOR® is also the only hand dryer to be MADE IN USA Certified®, the first hand dryer to be GreenSpec® Listed and helps facilities qualify for several LEED® Credits and Green Globes.

The Sacramento City Unified School District was one of the very first facilities to adopt Green Apple XLERATOR® hand dryers. A customized cost-savings analysis revealed that XLERATOR® could save the school almost $17,000 annually – a 98 percent savings versus paper towels – and eliminate 5,587 pounds of paper towel waste a year.

The analysis also estimated XLERATOR® hand dryers would reduce the school’s hand drying carbon footprint by 80 percent, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates an equivalent annual savings of 104 trees, 18.48 cubic meters in landfill space, over 123,000 gallons of water and emissions from over 116 gallons of gasoline.

“The addition of XLERATOR® dryers is saving us time and money while also reducing our carbon footprint, which is a great lesson for our students, too. We plan to continue installation of XLERATOR® dryers throughout the Sacramento City Unified School District,” said Farah Wissinger, Environmental Sustainability Manager for the school district.

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