The materials used to protect school and university facilities from the elements while optimizing building efficiency


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Regular roof inspections will enable schools to detect early signs of problems, like ponding water.

Inspection time

Oct. 11, 2023
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Rays on the roof

March 1, 2021
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
With above-average tropical sea surface temperatures (SST) in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, climatologists anticipate that El Niño will produce powerful storms along the coast of California.


Inspecting roofs twice a year—in the fall and in the spring—is considered a best practice for education institutions.

Roofing Inspections

Sept. 1, 2013
Inspecting roofs twice a year—in the fall and in the spring—is considered a best practice for education institutions.
Among other maintenance, schools should conduct roof inspections twice a year.

Keeping up on Your Roofs

July 1, 2013
Regular inspections and prompt repairs will prolong the life of a building’s roof.
The design of Fryeburg Academy’s Harvey Dow Gibson Athletic Center & Ada Cram Wadsworth Arena, Fryeburg, Maine, integrated the contextual feel of a historic campus in a contemporary way.

Looking Up: Metal Roofing

April 1, 2013
Metal roofing can be a smart choice for education facilities.
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A Plan in Place for School Roofing

Nov. 1, 2012
The best preparation for a natural disaster is a thorough knowledge of the condition of school roofs, and a plan for what to do when a storm strikes.
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Strategies for Success: School Roofing

July 1, 2012
Preventive roof maintenance is essential to make sure school buildings don’t wear out prematurely.


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Sept. 17, 2020
An AS&U guide that will "floor" you

Roof inspection tips

July 1, 2009
The Ohio Department of Health's School Environmental Health and Safety Inspection Manual spells out the guidelines school systems are to follow to keep their roofs safe and intact...


June 1, 2009
Materials that reflect heat away from a building can help schools and universities consume less energy.
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Action Items

Feb. 1, 2009
Ace the complex roofing test: think, research and act to solve the problem.
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The Big Top

July 1, 2008
Tips for installing and maintaining school green roofs.