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The function of a space, comfort, acoustics, durability and ease of cleaning all are factors in floor coverings in schools and universities.


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Scheduling deep cleaning in the summer will help workers avoid the traffic and obstacles that could make cleaning inefficient or ineffective.

In the Summertime

June 6, 2023
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A key strategy in making sure that classrooms and other school spaces have good air quality is choosing flooring materials with low emissions of volatile organic compounds.
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Safe surfaces

June 1, 2021


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Step on it

Feb. 1, 2021
The function of a space in an education facility will help determine which types of flooring should be installed.
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Flooring you need, fast.

May 1, 2020
Need flooring for your school in a hurry? We’ve got you covered with QuickShip. Choose from 300+ product and color combinations that ship fast and are easy to install. It’s the...
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Covering all angles

Sept. 12, 2019
Flooring choices for school facilities all come with advantages and disadvantages.
A facility that has a gym with a wood floor will generally require a yearly light grit screening followed by cleaning and application of a solvent-based gym finish to keep it safe and looking its best.

Strong Footing

Feb. 12, 2019
Three reasons why floors require special care.
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Down in the Flood

Sept. 21, 2017
Flooded schools should discard soaked carpets to prevent mold growth.


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Sept. 17, 2020
An AS&U guide that will "floor" you