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University of Michigan hosts local food summit Photo courtesy of the Michigan Daily.

University of Michigan hosts local food summit

Students at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor participated in the seventh annual Local Food Summit, an event that filled the school’s Rackham Auditorium.

The summit, billed as a sustainable food conference, is an annual gathering that is intended to cement relationships between the university community and local food businesses and to encourage participants to take a more environmentally minded approach in their business decisions, the Michigan Daily reported.

“The intent is to bring people around local food so that they can experience learning from multiple different angles,” said Ann Arbor resident Jason Frenzel, one of the event’s organizers. “So we have participants here who are very new to the Local Food Summit and we want to allow them an opportunity to meet people who are very involved in the system and learn a few basics. We also want to create opportunities for people who are currently involved in the system so that they can get a chance to increase networking.”

Michigan Dining along with Whole Foods Market and other food related business sponsored the summit, which takes place in different locations each year in order to allow more people to participate and collaborate.

This year, the University of Michigan was chosen to host the event because of its track record of working with local vendors, food entrepreneurs and artisans to prioritize sustainable strategies, according to the Michigan Daily.

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