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University of Chicago seeks to reduce its GHG emissions

University of Chicago seeks to reduce its GHG emissions

The Office of Sustainability at the University of Chicago is developing a plan to reduce the university’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20 percent as compared to 2012 numbers by the year 2025, the Chicago Maroon reported. The office outlined how it plans to reach this goal in a document called the Climate and Energy Plan.

The plan describes the GHG projects that the university will implement during the next few years, working in tandem with the school’s Strategic Sustainability Plan. The SSP identifies nine potential areas of improvement, ranging from multimodal transportation to high-performance buildings, and clarifies the metrics used to measure those improvements.

“[The Climate and Energy Plan is] a living document that will be regularly updated. It will identify specific projects that need to be implemented each year in order to reach our 2025 goal,” Mike Stopka, director of the Office of Sustainability, wrote in an e-mail. The plan is a comprehensive approach and incorporates a number of different initiatives that target grounds, facilities, shuttles, and student, faculty, and staff engagement strategies, according to the Chicago Maroon.

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