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The family of Juelz Trice has sued school officials after they used a marker to color in his haircut.

Texas school administrator used marker to color in student's shaved head

An administrator at Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland, Texas, has been put on leave after he used a marker to color in the areas of a boy's head that had been shaved.

An administrator at a Pearland, Texas, junior high school is facing disciplinary action after drawing on a student's head with a marker

KTRK-TV reports that the administrator at Berry Miller Junior High reportedly told seventh-grader Juelz Trice his haircut did not adhere with the school's dress code, and told him he would face discipline unless he allowed the shaved area of his head to be filled in with a marker. 

"He came over and said, 'You have two options: You can either go to (in-school suspension) or color it in,'" said Trice. "Everyone was coming up to me. It was like the talk of the school that day and the day after." 

Trice's parents say they were never notified.

The Pearland district issued a statement saying that the practice is not condoned by the district, and does not align with appropriate measures for dress code violations.  The administrator has been placed on leave. Further action is forthcoming, officials say. 

The school's dress code says that hair must be neat, clean and well groomed. "Extreme hair styles such as carvings, mohawks, spikes, etc. are not allowed." 

It does not, however, address how a situation should be handled if a student violates those rules. 

Though the incident made him feel uncomfortable, the boy has returned to school. 

Trice's mother, Angela Washington, says the administrator responsible did call to share his side of the story. 

"They were very apologetic, but it still happened," she says. "You know, for an adult, no one should think that's the correct way to handle a situation." 

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