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New Alabama law lets schools install camera outside buses

Cameras on exterior of vehicles will enable schools to catch drivers who illegally pass stopped buses.

A new law in Alabama gives school districts the authority to install cameras on the outside of school buses to record cars that illegally pass buses stopped on the road.

The Tuscaloosa News reports that the legislators approved the law in April. It allows school systems to enter into contracts with third-party providers to install and maintain the cameras.

Kevin Snowden, program coordinator of pupil transportation for the Alabama Department of Education, says the law will enable schools to deal with a significant problem—drivers who ignore the extended stop arm on a bus and jeopardize student safety by passing the bus when children may be getting off the bus. Snowden says a survey found that there were 1,361 illegal passings last year in Alabama.

Drivers caught on video illegally passing a stopped school bus will be issued a $300 ticket via mail.

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