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Students play on new playground at Sunderland Elementary School Photo courtesy of the Recorder.
<p>Students play on new playground at Sunderland Elementary School.</p>

Students in Sunderland, Mass., get new playground

Sunderland Elementary School in Sunderland, Mass., surprised its students with a new playground as part of a remodeling project that was completed earlier this month, the Recorder reported.

The $140,000 upgrade to the playground improved drainage, added accessibility features, and provided new play elements and challenges for the students, Ben Barshefsky, the school’s interim principal told the Recorder.

Funding for the project, which included replacing outdated structures and equipment, came from a combination of property taxes and donated and discounted materials and labor. The project took about three weeks to complete.

The space also includes new areas where students can run, jump, and spin. There is also a new “musical ensemble” section where they can pound on drums, according to the Recorder.

“The Sunderland community really showed their true colors with this project,” Barshefsky said. “We found that once the project got started, there was just such an outpouring of support from local businesses and community members.”

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