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University of Cincinnati approves $78.5 million for residence hall renovation

Oct. 27, 2022
The overhaul of the 11-story Siddall Hall is scheduled to begin in January.

The University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees has allocated $78.5 million for the renovation of a student housing facility.

The News Record, the university’s student newspaper, reports that work on Siddall Hall is set to begin in January.

The 11-floor residence hall can house as many as 570 residents and now offers singles, doubles, triples and quads, all in the traditional style. The renovation will reconfigure rooms and spaces on all floors. The upgrades also will result in a new common lounge space, study areas, laundry, kitchen and a housing office suite

The building improvements also will provide new finishes on the building's frame, and new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, fire alarm, and technology systems.

The university had already allocated $6.5 million in August 2021 for Siddall Hall’s preconstruction design work.

The Siddall Hall renovation is set to be completed in July 2024, and it will be open to students in the fall 2024 academic year.

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