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New Mexico State University wants to buy nearby apartment complex for student housing

Dec. 7, 2020
Leasing and eventually buying The Flats at Ridgeview complex in Las Cruces would provide an additional 408 beds for students.

New Mexico State University is looking at leasing and eventually buying an off-campus apartment complex in Las Cruces for use as student housing.

The Las Cruces Sun News reports that the university's Board of Regents has voted in favor of the plan to lease and eventually own the Flats at Ridgeview, which is close to the campus.

The university would convert the 408 existing student housing beds in 11 buildings and one clubhouse to create a space for upper-division undergraduate and graduate student housing. The university also is considering a new construction phase would begin in 2021 to create an additional 84 beds in the complex.

Currently, the apartments are at about 87% occupancy, according to the university. About 98% of those occupants are students at New Mexico State or the nearby Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine.

If the university assumed control of the apartment complex, it would continue to allow Burrell College students to live there.

The regents decided they would vote on the determining leases for The Flats project after the negotiations with existing owners are finalized and state agencies have given their approvals.
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