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Editor's Focus: Extra Effort

Nov. 1, 2010
Most of us are taught at a young age some things about initiative.

Most of us are taught at a young age some life lessons about initiative: Try harder. Go the extra mile. In a task, work a little above and beyond what is expected. Put in a little more effort than the next guy.

The challenge lies in teaching kids (and adults, for that matter) to take that initiative, to work a little harder — but often without a tangible reward or recognition.

Entrants in this year's 28th annual Architectural Portolio went that extra mile — and this issue provides the recognition for lots of creativity, hard work and innovation. This issue is filled with projects from architects that listened to students and staff when designing buildings, used resources wisely, and were environmentally responsible in the process.

This year's Caudill Citation winner, Legacy Junior High School in Layton, Utah, went the extra mile for learning by including informational computer kiosks that promote on-demand learning. The Kahn Citation went to Bucks County Community College in Perkasie, Pa.; the design team made the community a priority when expanding the college's upper campus. Three special citations were chosen this year; they tipped the scales when it came to design excellence.

As you will read in our special editorial Q&A "Designing in a Tough Economy," it's not easy to go that extra mile in this economy. Cutting costs, trimming budgets and forgoing projects were key phrases used by many of the design professionals in this issue. But going the extra mile often means more planning than doing. In a time where many schools can't break ground, a master plan may be the way to go. That extra initiative will pay off in the end.

Many thanks to this year's jury, who took time out of their busy schedules to reward our worthy winners.

Lustig is executive editor of AS&U.

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