Community college campus in Dallas remains closed in aftermath of shootings

Community college campus in Dallas remains closed in aftermath of shootings

El Centro College, part of the Dallas Community College District, is situated in the area where a sniper killed five police officers.

All campuses and locations of El Centro College in Dallas are closed Friday as authorities continue their investigation of shootings in the city's downtown that left five police officers dead and seven other officers wounded.

The college says in an update on its web site that all three buildings in its downtown Dallas complex sustained damages during the shootings and their aftermath, but the extent of damage is still being determined.

For the summer session, El Centro has 7,455 students enrolled in for-credit courses.

About 20 afternoon or early evening classes were concluding Thursday night when the shootings occurred, the college says, but it did not have an exact count of how many students and employees were in the building. The facilities were put on non-emergency lockdown in anticipation of the protest that had been scheduled in the area.

When the shootings began, students and employees were kept locked in the college buildings. Students and employees on lockdown in the main building were escorted to Dallas Police Headquarters after midnight.

The college noted that after word of the shootings spread, the college's web site crashed from the volume of traffic it received. The crash also disabled the security camera situated throughout the college facilities.

All El Centro students and employees are required to wear laminated identification cards on campus at all times, officials say. Security staff members are stationed at entrances to the building’s main campus to check IDs; community members and visitors are asked to sign in when they enter the building.

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