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Eugene (Ore.) district decides to close one of its elementary schools

June 5, 2020
Corridor Elementary will shut down because of financial troubles stemming from Covid-19.

The Eugene (Ore.) School Board has voted to close Corridor Elementary in light of financial concerns the district anticipates because of Covid-19.

The Eugene Register-Guard reports that the board decided to close the K-5 alternative school after a lengthy discussion about how the cost of keeping the school stacks up against a budget crisis.

In light of the closing, Corridor parents are unclear where their children will be enrolled next year. More so, some families are frustrated with the district going back on promises made in a recent bond campaign

Established in the 1970s, Corridor is an alternative school known in part for its focus on performance arts and public speaking integrated into core subjects such as history and language arts.

Last school year, Corridor had only 142 students. Since 2013, Corridor has seen overall enrollment decline by about 45%.

The Eugene district expects it will have to make more than $8 million in cuts for next school year in light of coronavirus economic effects on Oregon.

Corridor staff will not be cut, just moved to other schools, the district says.

Corridor school is housed in the Silver Lea building, which will be demolished to make room for a new North Eugene High School. The district had earmarked bond funds to relocate Corridor to the existing high school, but that was before the global pandemic ravaged the budget.

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