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From the 2023 Architectural Portfolio: Reichhold Center of the Arts

April 22, 2024
The project was recognized as an outstanding design in the Renovation/Modernization category.

The Reichhold Center ofthe Arts, built in 1978 at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Thomas, is a natural open-air amphitheater. It had to be rebuilt after two category 5 hurricanes in September 2017 caused significant destruction. The renovations will add sprinklers, floor-level egress lighting and unnoticeable glass handrails. Modern VIP suites, green rooms, dressing rooms, and advanced lighting, acoustics, and stage curtains were introduced. Natural hues of yellow, browns, tans, and greys in stone, wood, tiles, terrazzo, stains, paints, and fixtures were selected.

Read more about the Reichhold Center of the Arts and view a photo gallery at

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