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From the 2023 Architectural Portfolio: The CHESS [Communication and Health, Exercise & Sports Science] Building

March 25, 2024
The project was recognized as an outstanding design in the Postsecondary Schools category.

In fall 2022, Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, opened its newest academic/athletic building: Communication, Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences (CHESS). Entering the building, one is immediately drawn to a water wall featuring the college’s insignia. The high ceilings and furnishings make this a popular gathering space for students. The new facility houses instructional space for the communication program, including a news media studio, podcast studio, editing suite, and agency-style classroom. The CHESS building has several interior and exterior energy-saving features. This space allows for creativity, collaboration, and flexibility.

Read more about the CHESS Building and view a photo gallery at

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