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From the 2023 Educational Interiors Showcase: Peekskill High School STEAM Innovation Center

Nov. 17, 2023
The project was recognized as an outstanding design in the Interior Renovation category.

The STEAM Innovation Center at Peekskill High School in Peekskill, New York, brings together students in art, theater, music, science, math, technology, and robotics. Created in a storage space and outdated art and technology classrooms, the awkward wedge shape lent itself to nesting the classrooms around a central “mixer” space that supports casual interaction, small group breakouts, large gatherings and exhibits. Light was infused throughout the center by enlarging and adding windows, adding glass doors, and incorporating glass partition walls. The use of glass also makes the activities and exhibits in the STEAM Center visible to students and community members.

Read more about the Peekskill High School STEAM Innovation Center and view a photo gallery at SchoolDesigns.com.

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