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From the 2023 Educational Interiors Showcase: Yakov & Hava Telyas Chabad Jewish Center

Nov. 10, 2023
the Clinton, New Jersey, facility was recognized as an outstanding design in the Community Centers/Joint-Use Facilities category.

Designed for users of all ages, this community center features materials that ground it in its natural surroundings. An airy lobby greets users toward its focal point—a jewel box space that serves as a social gathering hub with multiple uses—library, café, lounge, meeting space and shop. An amphitheater extends from the lobby for services, teaching, performances, and celebrations to extend outdoors. The sanctuary and adjacent social hall provide a spiritual space for worship, celebration, and learning. A teen lounge provides informal hangout space physically separate from adults and children, yet visually connected to the main spaces by means of an interior glass partition. 

Read more about the Yakov & Hava Telyas Chabad Jewish Center and view a photo gallery at SchoolDesigns.com.

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