Al Ensley
Pine Elem Shb

From the 2023 Educational Interiors Showcase: Pine Village Elementary

Nov. 6, 2023
The Pine Village, Indiana, school was recognized as an outstanding design in the Common Areas category.

Pine Village Elementary in the Metropolitan School District of Warren County, Indiana, makes numerous references to the rich history and heritage of this unique town through dynamic supergraphics on the walls. The interior supergraphics make use of historical images and contextual graphics to celebrate local culture and heritage. All these respectful nods to the past are blended with contemporary, innovative programming, forms, and materials in a bold view to the future. Strategic placement of spaces enhances visual connections and minimizes interruptions and distractions. The building naturally follows existing terrain; a ramp connects the main academic wings with the gym, cafeteria and other special spaces. 

Read more about Pine Village Elementary and view a photo gallery at

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