Tony Roslund
Amistad Shb

From the 2023 Educational Interiors Showcase: Amistad Elementary School

Nov. 2, 2023
The Kennewick (Washington) School District facility was recognized in the Common Areas category.

The design of Amistad Elementary School provides a central public zone and “mixing chamber” that maximizes daylight and views to all learning spaces and creates inviting, safe and secure outdoor environments. The scale of the two-story building was brought down at the entry with the single-story administration offices and library. Teaching opportunities outside the classroom were created, such as a learning stair at the entry, indoor small group instruction, and outdoor learning environments. View corridors were created at the classroom wings where small group instruction takes place. The building has a variety of areas and materials that maximize natural light and create a tranquil atmosphere.

Read more about Amistad Elementary School and view a photo gallery at

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