Josh Partee

From the 2022 Architectural Portfolio: Templeton Elementary School

April 14, 2023
The project was recognized in the Elementary Schools category.

Templeton Elementary is a 600-student replacement school in the Tigard-Tualatin district outside Portland, Ore. The original building lacked exterior windows; offered undersized, hexagonal classrooms that could be accessed only from an exterior door; and provided no internal common areas for teacher-student collaboration or project-based learning support.

Classrooms in the new school are set up as large group learning zones, but flexible furniture quickly changes the configuration to support multiple small groups. Each classroom has a built-in window bench nook where students can spend quiet time alone. Built-in desks just outside the classroom enable students to work alone or in pairs while remaining visible to educators. Flexible furniture supports small group work zones and is organized around built-in anchor walls that may contain marker boards, tackable surfaces or flat screens

Read more about Templeton Elementary School and view a photo gallery at

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