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From the 2022 Architectural Portfolio: The Fessenden School, Science Center

March 27, 2023
The project was recognized in the Combined-Level Schools category.

The reimagined science wing at the Fessenden School in Newton, Mass., transforms once enclosed corridors into an open and welcoming environment. Learning flows out of the traditional classroom into hallways and breakout spaces focused around a new collaborative core. Designed over two floors, the science wing features scientific discovery and hands-on learning at every turn, engaging students with vibrant graphics, improved technology, interactive displays, and ample demonstration and collaborative space. The design repurposes existing support and utility space and reconfigures existing labs and classrooms to introduce a series of visually connected and adaptable spaces that allow for flexible learning. Unique and engaging features such as a living green wall, functioning prism wall, live nature-cam displays, and teaching topics integrated into floor-finish patterns foster a sense of intellectual curiosity.

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