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Hickory Ridge Shb

From the 2022 Architectural Portfolio: Hickory Ridge Elementary School

Feb. 27, 2023
The project was recognized in the Elementary School category.

Designed to take advantage of a steeply sloping site, Hickory Ridge Elementary School in Harrisburg, NC., forms a two-story structure that steps down with the terrain. t the natural ridges and valleys. Although designed for 940 students, the school is divided into smaller, grade-level wings that provide students with a more intimate classroom environment. The interior architecture/design concept revolves around the history of the railroad line and junctions that still run through the town. The floor plans reflect the theme of a railroad station. The floor patterning and wayfinding maps also reflect the railroad heritage. The bold colors branding each grade-level wing and inclusive graphics throughout give students a heightened sense of belonging and community.

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