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From the 2022 Architectural Portfolio: Elkhorn North Ridge Middle School

Feb. 13, 2023
The project was recognized in the Middle Schools category.

This new middle school prototype for Elkhorn Public Schools in Elkhorn, Neb., was constructed adjacent to an elementary school. To limit the footprint of the building and maximize the efficiency of the site, a two-story design was used. Two wings, each with two stacked pods, support sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, as well as a pod for exploratory classes such as art, industrial technology, and family & consumer science.

Historical development of education is represented by the strong, rustic textured base of the building rendered in monumental rock face concrete masonry. This base supports a brick layer that embodies traditional school construction with a contemporary dark finished brick. Above the brick is an insulated metal panel skin that represents the future of education.

Read more about Elkhorn North Ridge Middle School and view a photo gallery at SchoolDesigns.com.

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