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From the 2022 Architectural Portfolio: King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools & Community Complex

Jan. 16, 2023
The project was awarded the William W. Caudill Citation, the top K-12 prize in American School & University's 2022 Architectural Portfolio

The King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools & Community Complex in Cambridge, Mass., establishes a new model for school design. It integrates two separate schools (The King Open Elementary and Cambridge Street Upper School) with social and family service programs to create an integrated social support system for students, their families, and the entire community. The building is designed to support wellness as an essential part of childhood development. The indoor climate, universal design, safety, and social equity are all crucial components of childhood development supported by this building. The community complex is the first Net Zero Emissions and the first LEED v4 Platinum school in Massachusetts.

Read more about the King Open/Cambridge Street Upper Schools & Community Complex and view a photo gallery at

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