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From the 2022 Educational Interiors Showcase: SMC Student Services Building

Jan. 3, 2023
The project was recognized in the Student Centers/Service Areas category.

The new Student Services Building at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, Calif., is a three-story multipurpose building and underground parking garage that joins disparate groups of administration programs within a single building. The facility formalizes a new entry into campus for both pedestrians and vehicles. Extensive use of natural light through glazing and light wells minimizes the need for artificial lighting, bringing light into the center of the building and providing courtyards for student gatherings. Meeting rooms, classrooms, and lounge areas are distributed along the building’s central spine to create a comfortable welcoming environment. A strong commitment to the minimization of a building’s environmental impact resulted in a LEED Platinum certification.

Read more about the SMC Student Services Building and view a photo gallery at

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