Mariella and Luis Ayala
harvey schools

From the 2022 Educational Interiors Showcase: The Harvey Schools

Oct. 20, 2022
The Houston, Texas, projects were recognized for outstanding design in the Classrooms category

After Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston, the school district determined that four neighborhood schools had to be razed and rebuilt: Braeburn, Kolter, Mitchell, and Scarborough—aka the “Harvey Schools.” The district needed a compact, scalable design with a price tag it could afford. The design has classrooms hugging the perimeter of the building, providing daylight and views of the outdoors. The internal circulation creates space for various learning activities and includes an integrated, decentralized library, next-generation collaboration spaces, and individual reading nooks. Within three months, the design was sketched onto the four sites and submitted to the city for review; three months later, construction began.

Read more about the Harvey Schools and view a photo gallery at

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