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From the 2022 Educational Interiors Showcase: After School Matters Wing of Gately Park

Sept. 22, 2022
The facility on the South Side of Chicago has received a Special Citation for its high-quality design.

In a joint effort with the Chicago Park District, After School Matters has built a multifunctional facility to serve high school students on the city’s South Side. ASM Gately provides educational opportunities for local teens in the fields of art, culinary, dance, and music. The principal façade of the ASM wing is gently curved brick in deference to its park surroundings, and the window openings are punctuated by ASM’s signature color palette. The facility has breakout learning spaces in addition to dedicated areas for art, music, dance, and culinary arts.

Read more about the After School Matters Wing of Gately Park and view a photo gallery at

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