Grant Van Hoose, Huckabee
C.E. King High School

From the 2021 Architectural Portfolio: C.E. King High School

April 21, 2022
C.E. King High School was recognized in the high school category of American School & University's 2021 Architectural Portfolio.

The Sheldon (Texas) district's new C.E. King High School is on a 180-acre site that serves academic and civic purposes. Pathways connect the high school to a district stadium and elementary school. An iconic rotunda is the central feature of the campus and lights up at night.

C.E. King High School replaced a 50-year-old facility; it maintained its name and sense of pride while adopting a modern aesthetic to support personalized learning. Elements of civic, social, and learning experiences are arranged in order of purpose and function.

Read more about the project and view a photo gallery of C.E. King High School at

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