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From the 2021 Architectural Portfolio: Saugus Middle High School

March 28, 2022
Saugus Middle High School was recognized in the combined-level category of American School & University's 2021 Architectural Portfolio.

Drawing inspiration from the town’s history and landmarks, Saugus Middle High School in Saugus, Mass., brings together 1,360 middle and high school students in a STEAM-driven complex of fabrication labs, collaboration spaces, and project areas. Grade-level classroom pods facilitate exploratory learning with science and technology labs, art and drama classrooms, and engineering labs. Each pod is flooded by natural light through monumental lightwells and has a clear identity, reinforced by dynamic supergraphics honoring Saugus’ pioneering industries in ice, iron, and lobstering.

Read more about the project and view a photo gallery of Saugus Middle High School at

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