Patrick Wong
University of  Texas at Austin's Texas One Stop

From the 2021 Educational Interiors Showcase: University of Texas at Austin Texas One Stop

Oct. 21, 2021
The project received a Gold Citation in American School & University's Educational Interiors Showcase for its exemplary student centers/service area design.

The Texas One Stop at the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas., provides a welcoming face for the university’s population of 75,000 and to individual students attempting to navigate the “business” side of their tenure at the school. A consolidation of services provided by various offices formerly spread across campus, the space is designed to diffuse students’ tensions and frustrations, inspire confidence that their problems will be taken care of, and efficiently get answers they need so they can focus on academics, a rich student life, and a successful graduation.

Read more about the project and view a photo gallery of the Texas One Stop at

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