Windows in an educational facility provide a view to the outside, help control a building's climate and admit natural light into interior spaces.


Dunwoody College of Technology
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Windows that admit daylight can enhance a learning environment, but the design should seek to avoid glare from direct sunlight.

Windows and Daylight

April 13, 2023
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Asumag 8103 The Class Of 1920 Commons Dining Facility At The University Of Pennsylvania
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For older schools, utilizing newer technology and replacing existing windows with high-performance alternatives can be a wise decision.

Learning Light

Sept. 15, 2017


A well-designed daylighting system adjusts and shuts off electric lights when the sun is sufficient to illuminate the space. Photo courtesy of Sunoptics

Bringing in the Sunlight

April 1, 2013
The benefits of daylighting in schools can include increased productivity, and decreased energy and maintenance costs.
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Ballard High School, Huxley, Iowa, has 18,000 square feet of high-performance glass.

High-Performance Design

Oct. 1, 2012
Advanced techniques in high-performance glass can contribute to sustainable school construction.
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Solar Glazing Tips for School Construction

April 1, 2012
Glazing with high solar gains can have a compelling advantage over code-compliant conventional glazing with low solar gains.
Light colors on interior finishes in a school classroom enable daylight to be reflected throughout a space.

School Design: Windows/Daylighting (with related video)

July 1, 2011
Schools are bringing daylight into their facilities.


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eBook: Smart Steps

Sept. 17, 2020
An AS&U guide that will "floor" you

Strategies for Success: Doors and Windows

July 1, 2002
Choosing doors and windows.

Gateways to Learning

April 1, 2002
Facilities managers must consider many factors when selecting doors and windows for their buildings.

Case study: Interior window walls let light in

Dec. 1, 2000
Riverton High School in Riverton, Utah, was designed to provide a light, open setting where learning can take place in an uplifting atmosphere.

Closed View

April 1, 2000
Balancing security requirements with other factors such as cost can be helpful when choosing school windows and doors.