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Houghton College expects solar installation to nearly half energy costs

A 2.5-megawatt solar installation is underway at Houghton College in western New York. Once completed, which could happen by December, the installation is expected to satisfy more than half of the school’s electricity needs and cut its energy costs by about 46 percent. It’s expected to be one of the largest solar installations in the state, generating about 2.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in its first year.

“This solar facility will allow us to replace fossil fuel-generated electricity with clean, renewable energy straight from the sun,” Brian Webb, sustainability coordinator for Houghton College, said in a statement. “This translates into cleaner air and water, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and a healthier climate for future generations.”

Borrego Solar Systems Inc. is the design and construction firm. General Energy Solutions is financing the project through a power purchase. The project is possible, in part, because of state policies that support rapid solar development through incentives, supportive permitting procedures and other programs to get more solar deployed, according to a press release.


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