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Choosing Champions

The 2009 Architectural Portfolio jury's citation criteria.

What makes a great education design? That's the question jury members sought to answer as they reviewed more than 175 examples of school and university design for American School & University's 2009 Architectural Portfolio competition. The five-member jury traveled from their home states of Arizona, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington to meet in Overland Park, Kan., for two days and deliberate what qualities yield citation-winning designs for education facilities. Among their considerations:

  • The design should meet the stated goal.
  • The design should enhance learning by inspiring creativity, fostering and promoting collaboration, and integrating curriculum.
  • The design should be functional, considering flexibility, community use, a secure environment, community connection, technology, social spaces and outdoor connectivity.
  • The design should be sustainable, evaluating life-cycle costs, considering the facility as a learning tool and climate-relevant design.

2009 Architectural Portfolio jury
Will Cumberford
Patrick A. Guinnane
Caroline Lobo
Ray Mirizzi
Steven M. Shiver

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