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2013 Architectural Portfolio Commentary: Design Connections

The jury used specific criteria when determining citation winners.

This fall, four jurors from around the country met to judge this year’s Architectural Portfolio. When determining citation winners and other outstanding designs, this year’s jury considered:

•Spaces should be designed for collaboration.

Flexibility/adaptability. Facilities should change with the times. Spaces should not have fixed labels, but should be designed for multiple uses and with movable walls.

•Spaces should be open and welcoming, but designed with safety and security in mind.

Technology. The design should facilitate learning and respond to the changing landscape.

School identity. Students and the community should relate to the space and draw a connection, be proud of the space and have an investment in it.

Indoor/outdoor connections. Students and staff should have the ability to see outside, form connections and relationships, and the technology should be accessible and seamless.

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