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Going to Virtual Class

The Gwinnett County (Ga.) school district is making progress on its efforts to incorporate the latest technology to enhance students’ education.

The eClass initiative is using technology already available in schools along with new resources to improve the teaching and learning process in district classrooms, as well as the management of the 165,000-student district.

“Digital content will be introduced in a number of ways, such as video clips that teach a specific topic, homework assignments that include interactive quizzes and activities that use gaming techniques,” the district says.

The “My eClass” portal for students enables students in the district to check their grades and gain access to educational material, such as digital textbooks, an online research library, a media catalog and other reference materials.

As of April, 21 schools are part of a pilot “Bring Your Own Device” program to help the district determine what kind of technology can be used most effectively in Gwinnett County classrooms.

In August, 33 schools designated as pilots will begin using the instructional tool that is part of eClass and gain access to instructional modules for language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, elementary visual arts and Spanish I.

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