Highest rated community colleges

The Wallet Hub website has ranked the top community colleges in the nation based on cost, education outcomes and career outcomes.

Leech Lake Tribal College in Cass Lake, Minn., is the nation's top community college, according to an analysis by the Wallet Hub website.

The site has gathered data from more than 700 community colleges and examined three key areas: cost and financing, education outcomes, and career outcomes.

Analysts looked at 14 specific indicators, such as tuition and fees, student-faculty ratio, graduation rates, student loan default rate, per-pupil spending, and faculty salary.

Using a 100-point scale, the analysts calculated an overall quality score.

Leech Lake, with a score of 69.00, was the highest-rated institution.

Here are the 10 community colleges with the highest scores in the WalletHub assessment.



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