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Index measures which states give parents the greatest voice in education

The Center for Education Reform has devised a method that it says measures the amount of influence that states allow parents to have in the education of their children.

The center says the Parent Power Index "measures the ability in each state of a parent to exercise choices...engage with their local school and board, and have a voice in the systems that surround their child." The index takes into account access to charter schools, school choice and online learning; the level of teacher quality, and the transparency of education data.

10 states with the highest Parent Power Index
Indiana 84.0%
Florida 83.0%
Ohio 79.0%
Arizona 78.0%
District of Columbia 77.0%
Louisiana 76.0%
Pennsylvania 75.5%
Utah 75.0%
Minnesota 74.5%
Wisconsin 74.0%
Source: Center for Education Reform
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