No-Touch Cleaning for Restrooms and Beyond

June 1, 2024

Kaivac created No-Touch Cleaning® systems to clean restrooms with extreme soil removal and empower workers to clean hygienically without touching contaminated surfaces. Plus, No-Touch Restroom Cleaning cuts labor, chemical, and equipment costs. Beyond restrooms, No-Touch Cleaning is perfect for locker rooms, stairwells, kitchens, stadiums, and more.

No-Touch Cleaning makes restroom cleaning easy. To begin, the user applies automatically diluted cleaning solution to all toilet fixtures, urinals, walls, partitions, and the floor in a low-pressure fan spray. Then, switching to a high-pressure freshwater spray, the user rinses surfaces and flushes all contaminants to the floor. The powerful, indoor pressure washer blasts out grout lines and other tight places. Finally, the user vacuums the floor dry, completely removing liquids and contaminants. As a result, No-Touch Cleaning systems leave the floor virtually dry and totally clean.

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