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February 2012 Security Product Solutions

Moving camera

Bosch. The company has added the first moving camera to its Advantage Line. The VEZ-400 mini PTZ camera offers features more typically found in larger PTZ domes. Among these are a 26x optical zoom for an increased monitoring range, and easier identification of objects and people. It is ideal for schools and small-to mid-sized corporate offices, among other applications. The VEZ-400 measures 4.4 inches in diameter, making it less than half the size of traditional pan-tilt-zoom cameras, as well as 20 percent smaller than most other minidomes. The compact size enables it to fit well into limited space and makes it ideal for discrete surveillance. Available in charcoal or white, the camera is designed for indoor or outdoor applications.

Select the February 2012 issue RSN number 150 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Systems

Kalwall. Bring aging buildings up to current codes and improve energy performance (up to R-20). Eliminate the need for extra shades and cleaning maintenance with translucent Kalwall windows. Install from the inside or outside—even while school is in session. Shatterproof and vandal-resistant. Nationwide building code compliant. Green and LEED.

Select the February 2012 issue RSN number 151 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Electronic Access-Control Solutions

Videx. CyberLock has been developing dynamic, affordable access-control solutions to schools for more than a decade. With CyberLock, schools control who accesses any area of a facility, and when. View employee key activity and lock openings from a computer. Email alerts inform when there are potential security issues. Click here to read about how other schools are using CyberLock.

Select the February 2012 issue RSN number 152 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Exit device system

Yale Locks & Hardware. The 7180(F)TD (Tornado Device) Multi-Point Exit Device Latching System, ideal for community shelters and safe rooms, corporate campuses, schools, healthcare facilities, and government facilities, is a three-point auto deadlocking system engineered to help protect lives by securing shelters. The 7180(F)TD’s extra-heavy-duty steel components secure the door to the frame—at the top, bottom and center latch points—reinforcing the openings to withstand extreme wind speeds and flying debris. All three latching points are activated automatically when the door is closed.

Select the February 2012 issue RSN number 153 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

Wi-Fi solution

Motorola Solutions/Extreme Networks. The Altitude 4511 wallplate access point, in conjunction with Motorola Solutions, is a mobility solution that provides powerful Wi-Fi for college campuses and multiple dwelling units such as residence halls and medical facilities. Its modular design and innovative form factor eases installation, snapping into place in minutes instead of hours. Built on operational and architectural flexibility, the Altitude 4511 AP provides high-performance and powerful coverage, as well as scalable deployment options that can lower costs. At the heart of the Wi-Fi solution are compact wallplate access points (iPhone-sized devices) that “snap on” to existing Ethernet ports. They feature a 400mW radio, compared with some solutions that operate at 40mW, giving them a boost for increased coverage of up to three times. Each long-range device (26 dBm) can service up to 10 rooms at a time, making it possible to cover a 200-unit building in hours, not days.

Select the February 2012 issue RSN number 154 on AS&U's Product Information site for more information.

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