Illinois law requires high schools to get catastrophic insurance coverage for student athletes

Aug. 6, 2013
Legislation is named in memory of student who was paralyzed in 2000 during a football game

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a law that that requires all high school districts in the state to acquire catastrophic injury insurance up to $3 million for each of its student-athletes. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the measure became known as "Rocky's Law," in memory of Rasul "Rocky" Clark, who was 16 when he was injured during a football game at Eisenhower High School in Blue Island, Ill., in September 2000. Two vertebrae were broken, and he suffered a spinal cord that left him a quadriplegic. He died last year at 27. According to the law, insurance cannot cost more than $5 per student and it is up to the school districts to pay for the insurance.

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