New settlement offer for sexual abuse victims in Los Angeles district

June 6, 2013
Offer of $17 million to 40 victims of molestation at Miramonte Elementary contrasts with earlier deal of $30 million to 61 students.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has offered to pay $17 million to settle about 40 claims filed by students who say they were molested by two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School. The Los Angeles Daily News says the offer amounts to about $425,000 for each of the youngsters who claim they were abused at Miramonte by teachers Mark Berndt and Martin Springer. In contrast, a $30 million settlement deal for other victims that was in March will pay 61 children about $470,000 each. Lawyers for the student victims reacted coldly to the new proposal. An attorney that represents about two dozen of the plaintiffs, says the offer would not cover the victims' lifetime costs of mental-health therapy

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