Oklahoma district puts bond proposal on the ballot for the 5th time

April 8, 2013
Silo district wants authorization to spend $2.35 million on classroom additions, other facility upgrades.

For the fifth time in the last year, the Silo (Okla.) School District will be holding a bond election. The Durant Daily Democrat says that supporters are certain the May 14 ballot question will be the one to pass. Silo Superintendent Bill Caruthers says the wording of the proposal is more specific so that people know exactly what the money will be used for. The $2.35 million proposal: $865,000.00 for an elementary classroom addition, $585,000.00 for renovations, repairs and remodels of Junior High classrooms, $625,000.00 for an Agriculture Facility with classrooms and shop, $200,000 for safety and security improvements and $75,000.00 to renovate the main entrances to the high school and elementary school.

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